Game rules and Code of Conduct for the online game

The following types of behavior violate our game rules and Code of Conduct:
  • Any information which is obviously racist, fanatical or glorifies violence
  • Any offensive, insulting, obscene, defamatory or slanderous information
  • Any information which is sexist, pornographic or otherwise harmful to underage persons, or which contains links to websites unsuitable for young audiences
  • Any information which is false or misleading and/or is intended to promote illegal activities
  • Any illegal or unauthorized copies or distributions of work protected by copyright, for example, by providing illegal computer programs or links to illegal computer programs, information on how to bypass copyright protection measures, illegal copies of music, links to illegal copies of music or other copyright infringements
  • The sending of junk mails, chain mails and/or unsolicited bulk mails, instant messages, "spimming" or "spamming"
  • Limited-access pages or pictures which are hidden or require passwords
  • Promotion or endorsement of criminal activities or provision of instructions for committing criminal activities, including but not limited to information on the production or purchase of arms, child pornography, fraud, drug trafficking, gambling, stalking, spamming, spimming, distribution of computer viruses and other harmful files, copyright infringement, patent infringement and/or theft of trade secrets
  • Solicitation of other users to disclose information for commercial or illegal purposes, or inducing them to disclose login information
  • Promotion of commercial or sales activities, such as contests, raffles, swapping offers, classified ads and/or pyramid schemes
  • Provision of picture(s)of another person without that person's express content
  • Game manipulation through scripts, macros or hacker attacks
  • It allows each player to play only one game account. The game account will be assigned to the owner of the registered email address. A game account may always be used by one person, one exception is the account setting.
  • Does a player have more than one game account on a server, it is excluded in accordance with the rules of the game. Multi game accounts will be blocked without warning. Multiple game accounts to play on a server is allowed only in case of an account setting.
  • Play multiple users on the same Internet connection (for example, in schools, Internet cafes and universities, multi-family household), 1 more game account is allowed. This must be indicated on both sides in the settings in the game "shared session".

If a user violates these rules, he/she will be banned or expelled from the game as punishment, and we reserve the right to take further action.